You Won’t Believe What This Farmer is Doing

The next time you want an adrenaline thrill, try doing what this guy did. What, you don’t see anything extraordinary about it? Well, that’s because you didn’t watch enough of it. Watch it completely, and you will understand. It’s very short.

 Now you get it, don’t you? Who knew that farming with your own tractor and steer trailer could be so exciting? This guy is doing things with a tractor that most people would never attempt with a vehicle. True, the tractor has more control due to the larger tires and short frame, but really, would you drive one like that? I have driven my fair share of John Deere and Case tractors, and I would not touch this with the CDC! 

Forget Skiing and Snowboarding, Go Farming Instead

Farming is one thing. You plow a field and plant crops, feed some cattle, maybe slop pigs or herd some head of sheep. However, farming on the side of a steep mountain is an entirely different animal (bad pun I know. Stick around and I’m sure there will be more).You know the moment I’m talking about. The one where you can see the mountains looming in the distance. It’s like your watching this guy drive a tractor on a hillside and you think “That guy is ballsy. Good for him.” Then when the mountains come into focus your skin crawls and you think “Look at him, he’s crazy!”

My first thought was that it almost looks as if someone has taken this and rotated it so the tractor looks like it is on a steep grade. But then I saw those mountains in the background and I felt like I had to go to the restroom really quick, because the revelation just dawned on me… this guy is backing a steer trailer up the side of a mountain on an incline that would make most roller coasters seem like kiddie rides.

Does that make him a better man than you or me? Not in my opinion. It might make him a braver man, but not necessarily a better one. Think about it. A lot of the brave guys in Braveheart met their demise. The better guys stayed home to “maintain order and some semblance of domestic productivity.” I would be one of those guys. You are not getting me to back a tractor and steer trailer up the side of a mountain so I can plant corn. I could die. I am not trading my life for vegetables. I can always find those. 

Before You Think You Could Do This…

However, I know what some of you are thinking. Some of you think I’m exaggerating. You think that just because you are an expert truck driver, or can back your boat trailer under your carport that you could do this, too. Well, not so fast. Truck drivers typically back trailers in on surfaces that are flat. Those tractor-trailers also have multiple sets of wheels on their trailer. This tractor and steer trailer only have two wheels for the trailer. Plus it is moving on a steep incline, so there’s that. As for backing in your boat trailer, well that comparison is fraught with flawed thinking as well. There’s a big difference between backing a trailer with your boat on it under your garage, and backing a tractor up the side of a mountain loaded with hay. One small slip, and you could have disaster on your hands. Have a mishap with the boat trailer and you just ding the boat.

I don’t think you can really speak to any sort of comparison until you put yourself in the seat of that tractor and slam it in reverse. Yet, that’s all part and parcel with what these guys do. They do it every season. It’s a normal part of mountainside farming. What we see… okay, okay, what I see as extremely dangerous, these people see as just another day’s work.

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Does that make him a better man than you or me? Not in my opinion. It might make him a braver man, but not necessarily a better one. Think about it. A lot of the brave guys in Bra