Tractor Pull With Turbo Charged Riding Lawnmower

Life on the farm can be kind of laid back – that’s until someone decided to take a turbocharged Honda B16A out of an old 1991 Honda Civic and strap it into his riding lawnmower. That’s when things get crazy for an old International tractor thinking it has the upper hand in a tug of war! In the early 90s, Honda came out with the first VTEC engine. Yes, that’s right – Honda.

Electronically controlled variable timing was a brand new thing back then. But it proved to distinguish Honda’s line of Civics and Accords. To be honest, Honda’s goal back then probably wasn’t to build one of the most affordable tuners on the market. They were likely eyeballing European markets that were becoming increasingly picky about emissions standards. The fallout from this is when the Civic first got the B16A, it was surprisingly fuel efficient, lightweight, and powerful.

While only packing 158 hp and 111 lb-ft of torque, it redlined out at a staggering 8200 rpm. That’s a lot of revolutions per minute for a 1.6 liter engine to handle! For a little comparison, when we take a Case IH tractor from the early 1990s, its International engine produces just a bit over 100 hp. So right away, that Honda Civic engine is built well above that standard. (more…)

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While it may surprise some, the world of custom drag racing tractors with heavy duty turbocharged motors is actually a budding world. Whether its bored farmers looking to rip acro