Tow a Honda CR-V LX From a Frozen Lake – Russian Style

Russians truly have a “get’er done” attitude when approaching complex problems. Whether it’s pulling a vehicle out of a frozen lake or chasing a bear with a bat, Russians aren’t afraid to tackle a hard problem.In terms of the physics of pulling a vehicle out of a lake, Americans generally use mechanical devices, scuba gear, and lots of safety.

The Russians, apparently, just need some ropes, some beams, and probably some vodka. If you’re interested about learning more about Russian culture and their odd fascination with paradoxes, check out Dylan Moran’s comedic bit about his take on Russians. If you ever find yourself wondering how these Russians managed to pull this light SUV from a lake using little more than wooden beams and rope – let’s look at the mechanics.

The rope they have attached to the rear of the chassis of this late model Honda is affixed to a wooden log a dozen yards away. Bracketed on the verge of the ice and the vehicle is a system of beams to act as the sled to help reduce friction once the Honda CRV is out of the water. From the looks of it, it’s a 2002 CR-V LX. That means it has a curb weight of roughly 3,200 lbs. This isn’t counting the amount of frozen water lodged inside of it. (more…)

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But even before that’s taken into account, the problem is solved with simple physics. They need to apply enough torsion onto the rope to pull up 3,200 – 4,500 lbs of vehicl