This Mile Long Semi-Truck Has a Message For Us

Even experienced truck drivers know – driving down the highway with two trailers can be dangerous and extremely profitable. Imagine the payday for this truck driver – he’s got a full mile’s worth of trailers to pull at one time! On this Los Angeles highway, one truck driver is willing to pass along a startling message to onlookers… You gotta see this to believe it. While it’s unknown what the cause of this stunning message is – one thing is for certain: nobody is going to try to cut off this vehicle.

With over a mile’s worth of trailer space, this has to be one of the longest trucks in existence. But if you look closer, you can see there’s something a bit suspicious about the whole thing – there’s no seam between the trailers. What gives? Okay, as it turns out – this may have been an overly orchestrated publicity stunt involving some tricky film editing. It’s logistically impossible to get a mile long truck down any highway let alone get it onto the highway. However, it does highlight something that is possible – million mile trucks.

Just slightly more common than seeing a truck running trailers for a mile’s worth of length is seeing a pickup that has reached the coveted million mile mark. It’s something that’s seen a rise in popularity after a somewhat chagrin 2009 US policy plan for “Cash for Clunkers”. The concept that a vehicle can survive one million miles and be running intact is not just a tribute to the engineering that has gone into the vehicle itself – but also to the care and maintenance that the owner provided it. The issue? It’s hard to accurately track. At present, there are two trucks which resoundingly see the most action in North American markets – the Ford F350 and Chevy Silverado. Both have a market for long term use and reliability. Here’s a couple factors that bring these trucks to the coveted million mile mark:

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Great Diesel Engine: While it ultimately doesn’t matter what style of engine is used – unleaded petroleum or diesel – there is a distinct trend for great diesels such as the Cummins and Duramax engine line to certainly haul the distance. Why? Because with diesel engines, they’re able to get to full power at a lower revolutions per minute (rpm). (more…)

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With unleaded petroleum engines, redlines – the point where the engine fails to produce any more power and begins to degrade considerably – are not very far from maximum