The Baddest Tree Cutting Machine

Eight tracked wheels and an extendable arm that can fell and mill an evergreen in minutes. It’s not science fiction. What used to require a team of lumberjacks with saws and donuts is now done by a single machine and an operator. This Finnish company started when its owner, Einari Vindren, became fed up with equipment malfunctions during logging operations.

Tired of seeing heavy-duty equipment fail in the simplest of tasks, he designed the first Ponsse harvesters. These rugged beasts could roam remote forests and operate well after the competition was hemorrhaging hydraulic fluid. Features of the Ponsse Scorpion King include some surprising luxury traits which have made these quickly renowned amongst foresting circles. Able to tackle everything from forest trimming to outright strip harvesting, these vehicles were designed with longevity in mind.

Harvester Heads

A unique feature of these vehicles is they have interoperable heads. The crane heads are designed to latch onto a tree at the base, sever it, and lop it into logs – but one size doesn’t fit all for these sorts of operations. Thankfully, there’s a number of different heads for taking down old growth forests versus new growth. The heads, while interoperable, do require replacement, sharpening, and maintenance. The standard head that comes with the Scorpion King is their H10 – designed for taking down big evergreens. Smaller heads such as the H8 and H7 are more appropriate for new growth forests and thinning operations.

Eight Track Tires

Distributing the surface area of the vehicle over a larger area ensures that your multi-million dollar investment doesn’t get buried in the mud. This harvester is designed to go well outside the reaches of civilization and keep operating no matter the condition. Slick surfaces, uneven terrain, and rocky obstacles are no match for the Scorpion King.

Rotating Joints and Frame Leveling

The Scorpion King is pivoted into two major pieces – the front and rear. This allows the vehicle to stabilize and arch itself as needed to get over rough areas. It’s also able to do longitudinal leveling so it can pivot around tough corners and hard to reach places.

Extended Cab

Its cab offers a unique panoramic view, letting the operator stay cognizant of what’s going on around him. When trees are coming down all around it’s important to be able to see a falling behemoth before it becomes a hazard. It also comes equipped with all the creature comforts a modern lumberjack could want – including a communication suite, radio, and air conditioning. What more could a forester want?

Powerful and Efficient Luxury Engine

For the US models, the Mercedes-Benz / MTU EU Stage III level engines come standard equipment in Scorpion Kings. That’s a powerful diesel engine used in some locomotives and it’s completely necessary when you need trees harvested. They are also rated positively by European Union’s emissions standards – meaning this new technology is a much needed improvement to previous clunkier predecessors. Additionally, newer models come able to deliver upwards of 150 kW of power – a ridiculous amount. All of it required, no doubt, as these beasts were designed to roam independently through the deep woods of Finland.

Overall, this harvester is capable of working alone in an advance harvesting capacity or working in tandem with other harvesters and transporters to efficiently clean out a wooded area. And watching a Scorpion King in action is nothing shy of impressive. That long crane arm can grab hold of a thick evergreen tree and reduce it down to matchsticks in absolutely no time flat.

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Distributing the surface area of the vehicle over a larger area ensures that your multi-million dollar investment doesn’t get buried in the mud. This harvester is designed to g