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50 Movie Details You Missed

In Deadpool 2, one of the rednecks talking about toilet paper is actually Matt Damon in four hours worth of prosthetic makeup.

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The Dresses That Shook Up The Red Carpet

Golden dress. ‘Cause it’s the Golden Globes…get it? Megan Fox was a heartthrob from the moment we all laid eyes on her. She’ll likely never be anything but that until…

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Largest Human Gatherings Ever Recorded

50. President Barack Obama’s Inaguration; Washington D.C.(2009) 1.8 Million The Inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. took place on 20 January 2009. The 1.8 million attendance set a record…

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Here’s How Much Some of the Top Celebrities Are Worth

Clint Eastwood Net Worth: $375 million Clint Eastwood is certainly one of the richest men in Hollywood. The veteran actor, composer, film director and producer is worth about three hundred…

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40 Hilarious Face Masks We’ve Seen During Coronavirus

Wear this mask and watch people struggle not to laugh. I’ll wear this everywhere – my kid’s birthday party, nearby stores, and, of course, my work. Tell me where to…

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50 High Quality Cosplay Costumes

50. Leeloo: The Fifth Element Alyson Tabbitha is well known on social media for her creative approach at taking unique characters and bringing them to life outside the screen. Here…

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Ao Nang(Lonely Planet)

Top 50 Beaches Around the World

50. Grace Bay: Turks and Caicos Grace Bay Beach has been called one of the most iconic, awe inspiring beaches in the world. Located in Turks and Caicos, you’ll feel…

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30 Celebrity Couples That Didn’t Let Their Height Differences Get In The Way

Alessandra Ambrosio and Jamie Mazur It’s an age old story…she’s a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, he’s a world-renowned billionaire. Together, they made a couple of beautiful children and spent a ton…

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50 Most Expensive Homes in the World

50. Duke Semans Mansion – $44 Million This mansion is owned by Carlos Slim Helú, a Mexican businessman, and investor. This is an 8 story building. A random fact about…

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25 Awesome Concept Cars Pushing the Limits

    25. Porsche Mission E This is Porsche’s first all-electric concept car, and easily the most stylish to be on the market within the next five years. The Porsche…

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