Off-Roading in a New Ford Raptor Looks Fun

If this face looks familiar, it’s because you usually see her in the passenger seat of exotic sports cars like Lamborghinis. However, due to a bit of rain, opportunity presents itself in another manner. Gisele decides to do a bit of stunt jumping with her buddy in a Ford raptor.

Now, if you don’t know anything about a Ford Raptor then you need a quick lesson. For starters, this is not your typical rugged duty Ford. It is a sports machine designed to go blazing fast and perform over extreme terrain as well.

That’s undoubtedly where it gets its name from. Raptors were made popular with the movie Jurassic Park, tearing up everything from machinery, to terrain, and even a few unsuspecting people at times.

Well, the Ford Raptor is no different (minus the people aspect of course). It is designed to race up and over uneven terrain at breakneck speed. It is even designed to take a good hit every now and then due to the suspension.

Notice when they take off and land how the truck fully compresses. This is all owed to the superior suspension system present in the Raptor. It has the type of suspension and flex you would expect to find in a nice dressed out Jeep. Ford made quite a splash since the four years they have debuted the Raptor. Each time, they max out production, and new global markets have opened up as a result.

More About The Ford Raptor

The model they appear to be driving here looks to be a 2013. Those were outfitted with a steel block v-8. It delivered 411 horsepower and 434 pounds of foot torque. However, the 2017 is really exciting. Ford has stepped up their game even more and taken a few nods from their racing division. The new engine in the 2017 is an all aluminum 3.5 liter v6 engine. But wait, it gets even better. It is outfitted with twin turbo charges and a direct fuel injection system. Ford promises the new engine will out perform the older v8. The lighter weight will also help it fly down the road a bit faster, too.

What This Truck Does Next Is Scary!
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What This Truck Does Next Is Scary!

What was he thinking?

Also new for the 2017 model is a 10 speed transmission. This thing shifts out smooth as butter. The suspension gets a beef up, too. The upgrade is a 3 inch Fox Racing shock. The old standard was 2.5 inches. I’m sure inside will remain much the same. It will no doubt be an interior full of leather, yet sleek and refined. The way it is dressed makes you feel like you are sitting in some exotic luxury sports car. Ford took their time with the latest rendition of the Raptor, and it looks like they nailed it spot on. No wonder Gisele was able to make this trade so easy. I would say giving up speeding the roadways in a Lamborghini to jump great distances in a souped-up Ford pick up is a fair trade any day. Maybe that’s just because I’m a Ford guy, or maybe it’s just because I like to do my own stunts. I’ll let you decide.

At any rate, it is important to realize that while the Raptor can take a beating, you should not run it wide open all the time. It is designed to perform, giving you great bursts of speed with its turbo charged injectors, but you will need to clean the mud off from time to time. What, you thought I was going to tell you to take it easy? Get real! The Raptor could outperform most domestic sports cars you see cruising up and down the highway. Take this beast out and let it eat!

 All in all, this shows us what the Ford raptor does best. It’s a beautiful pick up truck that is designed to take more than its fair share of sandbox jumps. Of course, the only way to really experience this for yourself is to own one. However, if that price tag seems a bit much, do what I do… Go to the dealership and take one for a test drive. I’m sure they will pull your credit, but by the time they are finished reading your report, you will be back to the dealership and on your way home!

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Well, the Ford Raptor is no different (minus the people aspect of course). It is designed to race up and over uneven terrain at breakneck speed. It is even designed to take a good