Off-Roading in a New Ford Raptor Looks Fun

If this face looks familiar, it’s because you usually see her in the passenger seat of exotic sports cars like Lamborghinis. However, due to a bit of rain, opportunity presents itself in another manner. Gisele decides to do a bit of stunt jumping with her buddy in a Ford raptor.

Now, if you don’t know anything about a Ford Raptor then you need a quick lesson. For starters, this is not your typical rugged duty Ford. It is a sports machine designed to go blazing fast and perform over extreme terrain as well.

That’s undoubtedly where it gets its name from. Raptors were made popular with the movie Jurassic Park, tearing up everything from machinery, to terrain, and even a few unsuspecting people at times.

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Well, the Ford Raptor is no different (minus the people aspect of course). It is designed to race up and over uneven terrain at breakneck speed. It is even designed to take a good