Shredder On Steroids Destroys Everything, Even Your Sofa

What is this thing exactly? Well, it’s an industrial shredder. It is designed to do one thing, eat whatever you put inside. There’s not too much that it won’t destroy. It made pretty light work of a refrigerator and a sofa. Then a massive construction tire which is perhaps the most impressive thing that it can get shredded. Think about this machine the next time you read the words “mechanically separated chicken” somewhere.

A Paper Shredder on Steroids

These types of shredders and chippers are designed to be used in heavy industrial environments. However, the ironic thing about them is that they work much the same way as a basic paper shredder. With a basic document shredder, the rollers feed the paper through a series of razor-sharp blades that cut the page to ribbons.

Industrial shredders work much the same way, yet they have to be modified to work best for their environment.

The main trip up here is pretty obvious. There is no easy way to feed a three dimensional object into something that essentially operates in a two-dimensional manner. Feeding a piece of paper through a shredder is pretty easy because the wheels do everything for you. Once the paper is inserted, the wheels act like tiny conveyors and move the paper through. However, trying to shove a refrigerator or sofa in between two rollers is a feat of another kind. The solution?

Outfit the rollers with raised teeth and stagger their placement. When you do that, the result is brutal. It is a thing of pure beauty. All of those raised teeth operate together, working like hundreds of little fingers to pull the object in between the separation rollers. Once it is there, imminent separation begins.

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I should say imminent, permanent separation. Because the fact of the matter is this, once you start feeding something into this beast, you cannot back it out in the same condition