Land Rover Discovery Goes Deep Water Fording

We’ve seen previously where a Ford Ranger or similar attempts to go through the deep waters of a swamp or mud bog only to wind up – you guessed it – flooded. It’s a technology that really has only been seen in the HMMWV – the ability to go through deep water without flooding the engine compartment.

So when we see this Land Rover Discovery go through five feet of water, the audience has expectations. Thank goodness that this Discovery has a bit more gravitas than that. Designed to be a rugged, versatile all terrain vehicle – it really proves its ability to do what it says it can do.

And for these deep swampy waters, the only thing that’s worse for wear? The interior. A price well worth it. When the Discovery first came out in 1989, it was meant to bring British car manufacturer Land Rover’s signature Range Rover style of SUV to a more competitive, lower income market. (more…)

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That didn’t mean, however, that this British manufacturer was willing to shed an inch in performance or versatility. The first ’89 Land Rover Discovery came with a petrol fou