How to Load Your Trailer Without Ever Leaving Your Semi

Contrary to popular belief, you’re not staring at several rolls of extremely large sushi. They are actually cotton rolls bound up in a yellow tarp getting ready to be loaded up onto a truck. 

However, you are going to witness something pretty incredible if you aren’t familiar with this type of machinery. Typically, when we think of farming, we conjure up images of massive combines or some other sort of harvester.

They move slowly across a ripe field plucking and sheering until the crop is harvested. From there it moves on to processing and out to grocery stores. Cotton is a different animal altogether though (Yes, I know its a plant, but I couldn’t resist the pun). It is a pretty involved process. You have to get it from the field, and shape it into one of the massive rolls you see here.

If done correctly, it will involve employing the services of a truck like in this case. What type of truck is this you say? What type of machine can move backwards and scoop up a long sushi roll of cotton, then spit it out in nice clean dissected sections, only to scoop it up again? Well my friend, I’m glad you asked.

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Take a close look and you will notice some movement at the edge of the trailer floor. What you may not realize is that the whole floor is in motion. It’s one massively lon