Golf is Not Easy, Just ask These Guys

Golf was once characterized by William Wordsworth as, “a day spent in a round of strenuous idleness.” Perhaps this used to be true but certainly no longer applies. In a world of eight cylinder gas-powered golf carts and super science golf drivers, it’s no longer just a long walk through the greens. The biggest factor is of course fatigue.

Most courses have 18 holes with an average walking distance of 5-6 miles without a golf cart. So the player can expect quite a lengthy walk – reduced to somewhere around two miles with a golf cart present. That can be quite fatiguing when you consider factors such as hydration, concentration, and proper fitness are all required to land those shots. Low blood sugar and fatigue have been attributed to some startling PGA tour failures.

Anger Management Issues

Golf will inevitably shoot your blood pressure through the roof. It requires an uncanny sense of patience, coordination, and skill. For the amateur or part-time golfer, this will lead to immense frustration when you don’t see that finely honed shot appear That’s no reason to lose your cool.

Temper tantrums the likes a 5 year old would be bashful about are a common sight on both the driving range and the course. Heck, even on miniature golf course ranges. One of the major factors at play is the natural expectation for success. It’s ingrained in the human condition – we expect things to go our way. And golf is a fantastic example of, in many cases, the exact opposite. It’s not simply the perfect shot that defines a great golf player, it’s also how he or she recovers after a shot goes awry. (more…)

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Natural human instinct when we see the great divide form between where we believe our skill level should be and where it actually lies is, unsurprisingly, to revert back to our fi