Genius! See How This Guy Catches A Fish With A Drone

Typically, we are used to seeing drones fly around and give us incredible panoramic views of concerts, farmland or other similar things. They are even used in the real estate industry to take epic shots of sprawling mansions. However, I bet this clip is something you have never seen before. Take a look at this guy who calls himself “Farmer Derek”. He likes to fish, yet is also somewhat of a drone enthusiast from what I gather. Here he is using his drone to try and snag a fish from his pond. I know it seems a bit ridiculous. It seems like there could be nothing that would ever take the place of sitting on the bank with your rod and reel waiting patiently for a fish to strike. Yet, don’t be so quick to judge my friends.

He makes this look a bit too easy. In less than two minutes, he snatches a bream from the water so quick it would make your head spin. However, before you go racing out to buy a $600-$1300 drone, take a look at the fish. It is a bream, a picture perfect bream I might add. I don’t think it will win any size records, but it is big enough to eat. This raises some very important questions for a fishing enthusiast like myself. Is spending $600 or $1300 on a drone justifiable to catch a bream? How many of these would you have to catch before you would have a justifiable return?

An Unofficial Comparison of Drone Fishing Versus Traditional Fishing

Well, before you laugh Farmer Derek into oblivion, consider what you spend on your fishing excursions on a regular basis. Most of us have a bass boat, john boat or some other type of personal watercraft that we take to the lake. They run several thousand dollars. Attached to that boat is a killer motor because motors are what us guys like to brag about. It gives us something to focus the conversation on if we had a bad day on the lake. Attached to the motor is a trailer that is usually not cheap. (more…)

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Finally, attached to that trailer is our nice full-size pickup truck that guzzles gas faster than a fat kid sucking down a large Slurpee from a convenience store. That is another