Flatbeds and Fails, How Not to Load Your Semi

We all know that transport trucks are responsible for hauling just about everything we receive on a daily basis. They transport products to big-box stores, grocery stores, and convenience stores. However, what do you do need to transport a semi? This is a great example of there’s a right way, a wrong way, and whatever way this guy is thinking to load up a semi truck. There are several things we can point out regarding the space of the ramp, the size of the trailer, and the way the truck lurches forward when it starts to run towards the trailer (probably the culprit in my opinion), but the bottom line is, this was just a bad call. A completely horrible call to be exact.

What About That Gas Tank?

The most bizarre part, though, is seeing all the people standing around, watching this guy race full on towards disaster. After he slides down the ramp, half of the crowd seems a bit concerned (one guy even jumps like a spider for a hot minute while another guy yells for him to shut the engine off), but the rest seem either amused or apathetic. It’s very strange, almost like watching a bad documentary. 

Aside from all of that, there is a pretty major safety concern. As the truck slides back down the flatbed ramps, the side gas tank springs loose from its strap, bursts open, and begins to spill fuel all over the place. However, that is no concern for the people driving past in the golf cart. No, they sit there and look on as if they are watching a weird theater play of sorts. It’s almost as if everyone has a curious fascination with this guy’s mishap.

However, rather than just ramble on about this unfortunate soul, or make fun of him, perhaps we should turn to corrective action. The goal, after all, is to keep you safe. So to that end and in that spirit, the next time you decide to haul your Mac truck across the country, try this instead. These methods, though unconventional, would work much better than what this poor soul tried to do.

3 Unconventional Semi Transportation Methods

1. Use Clydesdales. That’s right, why not get some horses to pull your horsepower. They are economical, safe, and eco-friendly. The only thing you have to do is scrape up a few horse potatoes here and there. Well that, and convince Anheuser Busch to loan you their horses. Easy enough though, right?

2. Consult a Smart Car. Hey, they’re called Smart cars for a reason. I would consult with one and get their opinion on the best way to get your semi truck from point A to point B. They will have you moving that Freightliner with style in no time. It might also be a bit nerdy, because smart cars cast off things like massive horse power, manual transmissions, and gasoline. However, they are smart, so their advice is worth taking. There is something to be said for good counsel after all.

3. Use a Teleporter.

These are becoming more and more popular every year. Using one will save you the hassle of freight charges, and also precious time spent securing a transport company to haul your vehicle. The only downside is there is really no guarantee as to how the truck will re-materialize, so you need to make sure all is in order.

Most often, they suggest you take your Peterbilt apart and transport it piece by piece until everything arrives. Then you can put it back together later. It least you would prevent a mishap like we see here. 

In my opinion, these three options rank right up there with what that fellow is trying to do. They are about as unrealistic as the day is long, but they are options. If the world was all black and white how boring would it be, you know? Options spice things up. However, if all else fails, simply do it right. People load up Freightliners and Peterbilts all day long across this great country with no trouble at all. You just have to be aware, attentive, and use a bit of teamwork.

So, what have we learned today, gentlemen? Well, when it comes time to transport your valuable eighteen wheeler from point A to point B, you need to know what you are doing. If you don’t know, don’t try it. If you think you know, don’t try it. If you know how, but have never done it before, don’t try it. This sort of thing is probably best left to professionals who know what they are doing, rather than a couple of fellows with a flatbed and a diploma.

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These are becoming more and more popular every year. Using one will save you the hassle of freight charges, and also precious time spent securing a transport company to haul your