Cummins Diesel Rolling Coal While Pulling A Dump Truck

Welcome to 25 seconds of rolling coal my friends. These guys are testing out their truck before they head off to a poor competition. Dump truck serves as the weight that will be towed, and it looks like the Ford is able to pull the dump truck across the pasture with ease. To replicate the pull as accurately as possible, the dump truck has its wheels locked. This means the Ford diesel is dead-pulling the entire weight of the dump truck. However, when we look a bit closer at what is going on, a few questions come to mind.

Is That a Cummins Diesel Under the Hood?

That’s right, is that Ford generating all of that horsepower with a Cummins engine under the hood? By the sound of it, it sounds like it could be. For that matter, by the sounds of it, it appears like it must be. This inevitably will not go over well with the Dodge ram crowd. It seems that even though Ford was using Cummins engines long before Dodge took over, Dodge purists hate to see you a Ford with one of them under the hood.

They feel like it’s sort of cheating, or not staying true to the auto manufacturer. However, feelings aside, it would seem like this is a Cummins engine simply by the sound you hear when it engages. You have that signature not-in-low upon idol, and the hallmark growl upon engaging the vehicle to pull the dump truck. So, question number one answered. This is a Cummins under the hood. (more…)

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The truth is, it is simply not necessary to blow all of that black smoke into the air, unless you are trying to impress your girlfriend, or don’t know what you were doing.