Cooking Hacks That Will Make You Love The Kitchen Again


Use cupcake liner to portion coffee grounds

If you’re planning a camping trip, then bringing your coffee along is a must! Having the right portion of caffeine for your coffee is very important, and measuring it out can be taxing. Luckily for you, this nifty hack might be just what you’re looking for.

Measure the amount of coffee grounds that you normally put in your coffee. Put it in a cupcake liner, then ball it up for safe storing. When you need to make your coffee, whether you’re on the road or in your kitchen, just heat up some water and pour through the cupcake liner into a cup, and enjoy your coffee on the go.

Use coffee pot to make cup noodles

Why make cup noodles the hard way when there’s no need to boil water? Just use the water spout of your coffee maker to make your cup noodles instead. It’s easy to do!

All you have to do is drip the water directly in your instant noodles cup. You could also use a fancy espresso machine with hot water spout – that works also! Using the coffee machine is faster than boiling water because you probably already have a coffee maker heated up.

Soak potatoes before baking them

Frying potatoes can be difficult and unhealthy. Baking them with this cooking hack might provide you with the best potatoes you’ve ever had! All you need are potatoes, a bowl of water, and an oven.

Start by soaking pre-cut potatoes in water for an hour or longer. (The longer you soak the potatoes, the crispier they’ll be.) After soaking the potatoes in water, make sure that you fully dry the potatoes. Next, put them in the oven for 45 minutes. Your potatoes should be really crunchy. Baking them instead of frying them is not only an easier way, but a healthier way.

Make an omelette in a chip bag

Making an omelette in a chip bag is the new and improved way to make a delicious breakfast. Honestly, your guests will love it! If you have a steamer, you might want to give this cooking hack a try.

In the chip bag, add all of the ingredients you want on your omelette. Then, add three eggs. All that you need to do now is place your chip bag in your steamer, and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. Once it comes out, you’ll have a delicious and tasty omelette with only a tiny bit of cleanup required. Easy!

Slow cooker eggs

Have you ever wished making eggs could be easier? Finding new ways to make eggs is a must for all chefs. Cooking eggs in a slow cooker is the easiest way to make eggs. All that you need are a dozen eggs, soda water, salt and pepper, and your favorite slow cooker.

Put all the dozen eggs in the slow cooker with some salt and pepper. Pour a bottle of soda water to make the eggs fluffy. Slow cook on low setting for an hour. It makes a thick slab of egg.

Pancake lollipops

Pancake lollipops are the new wave, and making them is super easy! All you need besides what you would normally need for pancakes, are barbecue skewers.

Make your pancake batter as your go-to recipe suggests. Pour ¼ cup of batter into a greased pan. Use a barbecue skewer and place it in the batter. You can use the skewer to flip the pancake. Once your pancakes are done, you’ll have a delicious set of breakfast lollipops. This is great for kids and super fun to make. For an extra special treat, top with chocolate and your favorite fruit. Yum!

Bell pepper dippers

Making bell pepper dippers is easy and tasty! All that you need are the bell peppers, some seasonings, and almond-based yogurt.

First, cut the lids off the peppers. Then, just fill the inside of the peppers with the almond-based yogurt and your choice of seasonings. Place in the fridge for an hour or so. Once chilled, your filled peppers are ready for chips. Just dip and enjoy! Not only does this hack have a cool design, but making a dipper out of a bell pepper also means that you don’t need to wash dishes.

Use a slow cooker for baking bread

Slow cooking your dough makes the bread-making process so much easier. Instead of using your oven or buying a bread cooker, use your slow cooker that you have laying around instead.

To make bread in the slow cooker, you don’t have to change the recipe, so make the bread dough as your go-to recipe requires. Add the dough to your bread pan and set the bread pan inside of your slow cooker. Let your bread cook on low for three hours, and test with a skewer. If the center comes out clean, your bread is ready to serve. This hack makes delicious bread with way less clean up. Plus, you won’t heat up the whole house running the oven. Score!

Steam veggies without a steamer

If you don’t have a steamer or don’t want to clean your steamer, then this neat cooking hack might be just what you need. Just grab a cookie cooling rack and get ready to steam some veggies.

Put the veggies that you want to steam on top of the cookie cooling rack. Boil water in a pot on your stove. Once your water is boiling, set the rack on top. Steam your veggies as usual, usually around fifteen to twenty minutes. Super easy!

Pancake muffins

When you don’t have time to make muffins, you can use pancake batter instead! Just make pancake batter as your traditional recipe suggests.

Then, line a cupcake pan with cupcake liners and fill with the batter. For a special treat, add fruit to the cups as well. Next, bake at 350°F for fifteen to twenty minutes, or until a skewer inserted in the middle of your pan comes out clean. Take the pan out of the oven and enjoy your newly baked pancake muffins. Hooray!

Hotdog octopus

If you want to make your hotdog sausage look tastier, then you can make a few simple cuts to make it look like an octopus. This trick is great for kids!

Cut hotdog pieces into one to two inch sections. Then, insert four spaghetti noodles in each piece. Boil the hotdog pieces in a pot of water to make the spaghetti. When your pasta is done, you’ll have some hotdog octopi for kids! If you want to get creative, you could cut out eye holes for the octopi. So cute!

Use slow cooker to melt chocolate

Melting chocolate can be difficult to get right every time. Chocolate often burns on a stove, and many people don’t have an expensive double boiler made for chocolate. To make it easy and consistent, melt chocolate in a slow cooking pot instead.

Add chocolate pieces to a glass lidded jar. Place the jar inside of a slow cooker. Add water to ⅓ of the way up the jar. Then, slow cook until melted. The best part is that you can fit multiple jars in the slow cooker for a variety of flavors. Enjoy slow cooking to melt your chocolate!

Use old pasta to store knives

If you’ve got some old pasta you need to get rid of, don’t move toward that trash can too fast! We’ve got a great hack that will save your pasta for reuse.

Since pasta stands up in a container nicely, it can be great at supporting other objects. For this hack, just take your old pasta and stand it up in an open (un-lidded) container. Then, place cooking utensils or knives in the pasta, which will support the weight of the items and keep the standing up. What an awesome way to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Perfect pan burrito

Making the perfect burrito can be extremely difficult, but how about a pan burrito?! Try out this simple recipe to make the perfect pan burrito.

Whisk three eggs and drop them in a pan. Top the eggs with seasonings. Then, simply place a tortilla on top and flip your entire creation. Finally, top your burrito with cheese and scoot it onto a place. Roll it up and you’ll now have the perfect burrito! This perfect burrito could also be made vegan just by using Just Egg and Violife Cheddar instead of animal-based eggs and cheese.

Use sandwich maker for fluffy pancakes

Making pancakes can be a bit difficult, and it’s even harder to get them fluffy. Did you know that you could use a sandwich maker to make your pancakes? It’s really simple!

Make your pancake batter as you normally would. Then, pour the batter into both halves of the sandwich press. Cook it on the stove until the batter bubbles. Close the press and cook for three minutes longer. Finally, open the press to find that you have a two-layer pancake. For an extra treat, add fruit before closing the press. Delicious!

Use cupcake tray for easy-to-serve garnishes

Have you ever needed a tray for your garnishes? Just use your cupcake tray instead of going out of your way to buy a garnish tray at the store.

Using a cupcake tray is better than a garnish tray because it can store more things. This is a great hack for things like burger toppings including: tomato, onion, pickles, and sauces. Plus, the cupcake tray is easy to pass around at a party and is super easy to clean. Yay!

Peel a tomato

Forget the peeler, this cool cooking hack will make peeling a tomato so much easier. It’s very simple, all it needs is: a tomato, a pot of boiling water, a bowl of ice.

Get out the tomatoes that you want to peel. Drop them in the pot of boiling water for about five seconds. Pull them out and sit them in the bowl of ice. Wait about ten minutes, then the skin of your tomatoes should come right off. Easy!

Use a cheesecloth for oat milk

Is it hard to find oat milk at your local grocery store? This easy cooking hack can save you a trip to the store and help you know how to make your very own oat milk. All that you need is a cheesecloth and a bag of oats.

Put the oats and a fair bit of water in a blender and blend it until it’s a white liquid. Once it’s thoroughly blended, pour through the cheesecloth into a bowl or container. The cheesecloth acts like a filter and only lets the liquid through. Now, you’ll have perfectly strained oat milk!

Use a Vitamix to make no-cook soups

Cooking a soup in five minutes sounds crazy, right? Well, this simple cooking hack might be just the bit of crazy that you need! If you have a Vitamix, you should try this cooking hack out. Instead of dirtying a pot along with many other dishes, simply use just your Vitamix. You can put all your soup ingredients, including the water, in the vitamix at the same time. Crank your vitamix up to a nine and watch as your soup cooks in just five minutes. The spinning blades will heat up the machine so much that your soup cooks.

And before you panic that the heat is too much for the machine, have no fear! Vitamins designed their blenders to work in exactly this manner. Some models even have an automatic soup making option. Not crazy after all!

Bread tofu in corn flakes for crispy deliciousness

Have you ever wanted to bread your tofu easily? If so, then go get your cereal out and get ready to use your Corn Flakes to bread your tofu.

Pour the Corn Flakes into a bowl. Grabbing a separate bowl, pour in some milk and add some cornstarch. Make sure that you whisk the milk and cornstarch together. Dip your tofu in the bowl with the milk and cornstarch mixture. Then, roll it around in the cornflakes. Put the breaded tofu pieces onto a baking pan and bake your tofu in the oven for half an hour or until they’re golden brown. So good!

Use cheese grater to grate veggies

You can use a cheese grater to make grating your veggies a lot easier! This is great for shredded carrots and it’s also great for making some homemade hashbrowns. Just grab your veggies and get ready to grate.

To grate your vegetables with a cheese grater, just use the medium sized holes of your cheese grater. Make sure to grate onto a plate or a cutting board. Voilá! The best part is that it saves time since a knife isn’t needed.

Use slow cooker for tamales

For this hack, just make tamales as your traditional recipe suggests, or buy some refrigerated tamales at the store. (If you use a frozen pack, be sure to let those thaw in the fridge overnight.)

Next, prepare your slow cooker by lining the bottom with a cookie cooling rack. Then, pour water just to the bottom of the rack. It’s important to make sure that the water doesn’t get too high, or else it will saturate the tamales Finally, stand the tamales in the slow cooker on top of the rack until the entire slow cooker is filled. If you use only a portion of the slow cooker, you can fill the empty space with dishwasher safe glass cups. Cook on medium-low for fifteen to twenty minutes and you’ll have a bunch of delicious tamales!

Use an ice cream scoop for meatballs

Here’s an awesome hack to get you some perfectly sized meatballs every single time! All you have to do is season your meatball meat as you normally would. (This also works great with Beyond Meat meatballs!)

Next, use an ice cream scoop to portion out meat in small balls. Shape the meatballs with your hands and then cook as usual. Your meatballs will be uniformly shaped, meaning they’ll cook perfectly, too!

Whisk eggs ahead of time

If you’re a weekend food prepper, then this hack is sure to be a lifesaver for early morning breakfasts! All you need for this hack is a few plastic bottles (16 ounce) and a couple dozen eggs.

Prepare a bowl with eight eggs and whisk as you normally would for breakfast. Then, pour the whisked eggs into a plastic bottle and store in the fridge. When you go to cook breakfast, all you’ll have to do is grab and pour! Eight eggs fit conveniently in a 16 ounce bottle, so if you want a few bottles, just plan your egg counts accordingly. Bonus – this will save fridge space!

Store tortillas in kitchen towels

Fancy Tex-Mex restaurants have high quality clay tortilla warmers, but did you know that you can easily keep your tortillas warm at home without the dishware? Plus, this hack works even better than clay containers.

All you need is a clean kitchen towel! Heat your tortillas up on the stove as you normally would. Then, gently fold your kitchen towels over the tortillas to keep them warm. The fabric of the cloth will let just enough air seep through to keep the tortillas from getting soggy, but will retain enough heat to keep them warm. This is way better than exposing the tortillas to air, as that would make them get cold and hard. Plus, everyone has towels, so you’re sure to have everything you need!

Spray wine as a finishing touch

If you’re making a fancy roast seitan dinner, you’ll love this amazing hack that will add a touch of professional chef attitude to your plate. All you need is: an oil sprayer, a bottle of red wine, a roast.

When your roast is about 15 minutes from being done, easily add this awesome finishing touch. Just add a bit of red wine to an oil sprayer and spritz the red wine on the top of the roast. Then, place the roast back in the oven for a finishing touch. Voilá! You’ll have a golden roast without the overwhelming flavor that a reduced wine sauce would add. Plus, your guests will love the trick!

Use tea bags for seasoning broth

This super easy hack will make your homemade broths delicious and silky smooth! All you need is your traditional broth recipe (we like kombu with mushrooms, onion, and garlic) and some tea bags.

Simmer your veggies in the water to create a stock as usual. When your stock has about an hour left until it’s ready, add some desired seasonings to a tea bag. Make sure your stock is on low or simmer and allow the tea bag to float in the water. When your broth is done, just dunk the tea bag a few times to get the seasoning flavoring into the broth completely and throw the used tea bag away. This keeps the grainy seasoning particles out of your broth, and the delicious flavor inside. Easy!

Use cans to press tofu

If you’re planning to make fried tofu (so delicious!), then you’ll love this hack to make your tofu super crunchy, even if you don’t own a fancy tofu press! All you need is: a block (or more) of tofu, two flat plates, three or more cans of canned veggies, a kitchen towel (unbleached).

For this one, just line a plat with a kitchen towel and place your tofu inside. Wrap the top of the tofu with the rest of the towel. Next, place your second plate on top of the tofu and set a few cans on top of the place to weigh it down. The weight of the cans will press excess water out of the tofu, which takes 30 minutes or so. Now, when you go to fry your tofu (or bake it), the tofu will be even crunchier than ever. No need for a tofu press!

Use banana as an egg replacer

If you’re out of eggs and you’re wanting to make a delicious last-minute dessert without a trip to the store, this hack is a lifesaver if you have a few bananas handy.

All you have to do is replace each egg in your recipe with ½ a mashed banana, which functions as an egg replacer. This is especially good for desserts, like chocolate brownies. This is also a great hack for cooking for people who are allergic to eggs, and those who life a vegan lifestyle. Bananas are almost always available at a store, making them superior to other replacers like chia seeds or flax. Plus, this hack is super easy!

Put rice in salt to keep it from clumping

Salt clumping up in your salt shaker is a disaster when you’re cooking. This easy hack will show you how to use rice to keep your salt from clumping up. This hack is great when it comes to salt shaker with small holes.

Place a bit of rice inside of your salt shaker to ensure that your salt doesn’t clump. The rice will keep moisture out because the rice soaks all of it up. This will allow you to get the perfect shakes of salt every single time. So easy!

Overnight oats

With this cooking hack, there’s no need to cook oatmeal on a stove. Get out your oats and prepare yourself for this easy cooking hack.

Let a serving of steel cut oaks (or rolled oats) soak in almond milk or water. You’ll want to use one cup of oats to two cups liquid. Then, add fruits, vanilla, and any other seasonings that you want. Next, all you have to do is just place your concoction it in the fridge overnight in a covered container. Now, you can have delicious cold oats the next morning on the way out the door before work!

Freeze chocolate to use as shredded topping

Using chocolate as a shredded topping is honestly so delicious! Use this simple cooking hack to see how to shred your chocolate to use it as a topping without getting a melty mess all over the place.

All you have to do is freeze a chocolate bar and get out a cheese shredder. Use the cheese shredder to shred the frozen chocolate bar onto a plate or directly onto your meal. This is a great hack to top ice cream and other delicious desserts. Yum!

Freeze bananas for smoothies

Freezing bananas to make smoothies is a simple process. It tastes better than using ice, and makes your smoothie come out way better. Get out your bananas and get ready for this simple hack.

You can freeze your bananas by simply peeling them, cutting them up into small pieces, storing in a freezer bag, and putting them in your freezer. Once your bananas are frozen, you can put them in a blender and make them a smoothie. Freezing your bananas means that you don’t need to use ice cream in your smoothie, and is overall a healthier smoothie for your diet.

Use a cheese slicer to cut hotdogs

Did you know that you could use a cheese slicer to cut hotdog sausages? If not, then you might want to try out this neat cooking hack. It’s great for kids and makes evenly sized pieces.

All that you have to do is insert the hotdogs and cut them with the cheese slicer. Easy, right?! It only takes a few seconds, but slicing the hotdog sausage with the cheese slicer makes your hotdog pieces come out so much better, so keep this hack handy!

Bake eggs in muffin tins

Baking eggs in a muffin tin is very easy. It saves time and can be done without worrying about the shape of the egg.

Start by cracking one egg per muffin slot. Top each egg with salt, pepper, and other seasonings of your choice. Bake the eggs for 45 minutes on 300°F. This will make as many eggs as your muffin tin allows. Baking eggs this way can cook for more people and it looks beautiful on the table. It’s easy to bake and easy to clean up! What’s not to love about baking eggs in a muffin tin?