Camaro Glory Days: Can You Guess The Year of This Camaro?

For starters, the hot blonde in the passenger seat can become the center of attention, even though a Camaro is present as well. She is easy on the eyes, and the camera placement makes for some, how should I say this tactfully… interesting, yeah that’s it, some interesting shots!

One of engine lopes and smooth transmission shifts. A symphony of tire barks and rpm acceleration. Though the girl might be front and center, this muscle car has a lot to say! To begin with, this is not your standard 2015 Camaro. This is a much earlier model. The 2015 comes in at around $23,000-$25,000 for the base price, and can easily skyrocket up to around $40,000, depending on the accessories and other goodies you want to install. Of course, the signature Camaro look is still present, though modified a bit.

It has been pared down and slimmed up to resemble something sleek and fierce, while the horsepower under the hood still gives you options (v6 or v8), each with plenty of power.

 Plus there are other goodies like digital screens, bluetooth music and phone hookups, and several new cubby holes to stash stuff.

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However, with all of the automation and innovation at work in today’s Camaros, this recalls a Camaro from an entirely different time. This Camaro was produced when muscle cars w