Camaro Glory Days: Can You Guess The Year of This Camaro?

For starters, the hot blonde in the passenger seat can become the center of attention, even though a Camaro is present as well. She is easy on the eyes, and the camera placement makes for some, how should I say this tactfully… interesting, yeah that’s it, some interesting shots!

One of engine lopes and smooth transmission shifts. A symphony of tire barks and rpm acceleration. Though the girl might be front and center, this muscle car has a lot to say! To begin with, this is not your standard 2015 Camaro. This is a much earlier model. The 2015 comes in at around $23,000-$25,000 for the base price, and can easily skyrocket up to around $40,000, depending on the accessories and other goodies you want to install. Of course, the signature Camaro look is still present, though modified a bit.

It has been pared down and slimmed up to resemble something sleek and fierce, while the horsepower under the hood still gives you options (v6 or v8), each with plenty of power.

 Plus there are other goodies like digital screens, bluetooth music and phone hookups, and several new cubby holes to stash stuff.

However, with all of the automation and innovation at work in today’s Camaros, this recalls a Camaro from an entirely different time. This Camaro was produced when muscle cars were in their glory days. You just have to listen.

Like I said, let your ears do a little exploring while your eyes stay focused on the blonde (consider it multitasking of sorts). When you do this, you will notice several things about this car. But is there enough info for you to determine what year this car is? Let’s see how we do. For starters, there is no shoulder belt. A simple leg belt is all that she has to hold her in. The bucket seats look like they are a throwback to a different era, and if that weren’t enough, the engine lope that you hear when it cranks up gives it away. If I had to guess, I would say this this Camaro has to be a late 60s model. But which year? Let’s continue, shall we?

The Glory Days of the Camaro

The late 60 was certainly an era that defined the muscle car movement. Some of them peaked and died in that category, while others, like the Camaro, would see a few reinventions thereafter to emerge once again as king of cars. If you bought one original from the dealership in the late 60s, you could get an engine size as small as 230 in.³, (or a 3.8L v6), all the way up to a 427 in.³, (or 7.0 L, v8). The engines were known for providing incredible amounts of power to the rear wheels, by transferring it through the transmission, thus sending them screaming down the highway. They were chick magnets. If you ever had one as a teenager, no doubt you spent many nights trying to fish for a girl to go help you fog up the backseat. It’s funny how times can change, yet remain the same.

Given the banter back and forth it’s pretty apparent that this guy is doing the same thing with this girl. He keeps asking her how the ride is, what she thinks, etc. Her responses, though, may be a bit over-the-top and exaggerated, certainly speaking to the fact that this Camaro has a lot of power. At one point, she jokes about racing opponents just for the thrill of it. That’s all it takes for this guy. He juices the Camaro, and takes off screaming down the road. Two things are evident at that point. This car has incredible horsepower (most likely a v8), evidenced by the fact that her body slams back in to the seat; and yep, this guy is fishing for a date. You can’t blame him though. You know you would do the same thing if she were playing passenger in your muscle car.

Although, she is obviously not concerned with things like horsepower, tire grip, and manual or automatic transmissions, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t. After all, we are trying to figure out what year this beast is. Again, if I had to guess, I would say that this is a three speed. Why? Most of the time when he shifts, he tops out in second gear. Yet there are a few times where he does reach third. He does that maybe once or twice.

While they are not on a massive freeway, if you listen close, it does appear from the diminished engine noise that third gear would be the top gear for his transmission. I love the way the transmission shifts out too. There is almost no engine hesitation, and you get that signature “G force slam” I referenced earlier. That’s always fun to experience no matter who you are. It certainly gives her a thrill or two.

Watching this is enough to make you want to buy a Camaro like this for your own. Where to start though? Contact the guy. He obviously knows how to build them because he tells this girl over and over again that he will be happy to build one for her. While being a hot blonde might be the deciding factor, you’ll never know unless you reach out! Shoot him a message and see when his weekends are free. Maybe you two will become buddies. If that doesn’t work, at least you there’s this amazing muscle car with a gorgeous blonde riding shotgun for a test drive.

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However, with all of the automation and innovation at work in today’s Camaros, this recalls a Camaro from an entirely different time. This Camaro was produced when muscle cars w