Buzzsaw Hanging From A Helicopter Is The Baddest Limb Cutter Ever

High power voltage lines are a big hassle to maintain. Long stretches of paper thin logging roads criss cross this country. It’s super expensive to send a team of loggers and professional tree climbers out there to keep the vegetation trimmed back. Thankfully, these guys invented possibly the best way to get the job done – outside of using Agent Orange.

That’s right. The fine folks at Johnson City Power Board decided to hire a buzzsaw wielding helicopter. Why? Because this specially equipped helicopter is able to fly to extremely remote locations and saw off the branches of trees threatening high voltage power lines. While American helicopter manufacturers such as Bell have focused almost exclusively on military projects such as the V-22 Osprey, Enstrom decided it was going to specialize in small rotorcraft. The Enstrom 480 is specifically the model used here. For good reason, too! It’s powered by a Rolls-Royce Model 250-C20W turboshaft. It packs a whopping 285 hp – efficient enough for range but powerful enough to handle.

With a speculative range of 435 miles on a tank of gas, it’s able to stay airborne for up to an hour. This is especially important in places like Johnson City – which sits nested in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. In a lot of places, especially those bordering the Cherokee national forest, the roads become increasingly impassable. Steep grades, cliffs, and thick forests all make moving truck crews very impractical. (more…)

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The buzzsaw contraption is actually a super long series hooked to a massive chainsaw. The chainsaw chain moves the seven individual buzzsaw blades together so the Enstrom 480 can