30 Perfectly Timed Photos With Surprising Backgrounds


Looking back at pictures can bring you joy and nostalgia. Occasionally, however, you may stumble across some weird things in background or foreground that you may not have noticed before. Those are the type of images we want to showcase for you. So, prepare to laugh, shake and scratch your head at this unusual gallery.

Everyone but the lady in the middle of this picture knew what was about to happen. In the image, you see the men around her looked stunned as a cup begins to fall. What we are guessing happed is one of the guys stumbled and lost his grip on his drink when the group gathered around to have their picture taken. We have to hand it to the photographer who was quick on the shutter button to capture such a glorious moment. We definitely would like to see if they got another picture of the aftermath.

You wake up in the Twilight Zone and find yourself stuck at a Vikings game crossing your fingers they are playing a team you like. You notice Viking fans all around you and see some individuals in a couple of rows in front of you are taking a picture. They look like they are having a good time, so you have to ruin that. You infiltrate the crowd now wearing the team’s gears for safety purposes and wink at the camera. These ladies in the photo have no idea what an improvement the picture is with your presence.

There is nothing wrong with having a night out after a slow day. These women look like they are enjoying themselves so much they wanted a picture to remember the evening on the bus or train ride home. Oblivious to what was happening behind them, they captured not only a good picture of themselves but also another woman vomiting. The man holding the bag clearly wishes he was anywhere else at the moment.

Dancing is always a good time. It’s fun just to kick back and let loose, though maybe the two in the back might be taking things a little too far. We have to admit, we have never seen a WWE pile driver used as a dance move before. Not sure who they are trying to impress, perhaps the Undertaker is in the crowd. Either way, it may be best these women in the foreground make some space. It’s not every day a dance turns into a wrestling match.

The image above is from the 2015 short film “Selfie from Hell,” directed by Erdal Ceylan and starring Meelah Adams. It has over 21 million views on YouTube. We think people like the short because of its fast pace and the creepy premise of figures showing up in photographs. The film was eventually made into a low budget feature in 2018, but we say stick to the YouTube video. It gets the point across better and may make you second guess next time you take your phone out for a picture.

You walk past your mirror and suddenly stop to look at yourself. You think, “Wow, what an eye-catching person I am. Other people online definitely need to see me”. You grab your phone to take a selfie like this girl did, paying little mind to the magnifying makeup mirror on the counter. You do not notice the mirror until you post the image on the internet. Then out of the corner of your eye, you see it, an unsightly reflection of yourself staring back at you and everyone else that had the misfortune of looking at the picture you shared.

We are not quite sure what we are looking at here. The woman in the picture is taking a selfie of herself with another lady in the background, also taking a selfie with her dog. With this particular angle, the person with the dog looks quite silly. Is this a joke pic or something? Is the woman in the foreground showing the ridiculous lengths people will go through to get a picture? We don’t really know, but it seems the dog is having a blast.

In April 2013, Tampa Bay Rays sideline reporter Kelly Nash had a close encounter with a baseball without even knowing it. When she had some free time at Fenway Park, Nash decided to take some photos of herself in the stadium. Her family is from Massachusetts, and Nash thought they would be excited to see some pictures of her working in Fenway. Nash was above the green monster during Red Sox batting practice. Producer Art Dryce called ‘heads up!’, but Nash thought she was far enough away where the balls would not reach her. One whizzed past her head while Nash had her phone out. Nash credits a DVD copy of “Angels in the Outfield” (1994) she had in her bag as a good luck charm that kept her from getting hit. She put the image on Instagram and wrote, “ Most dangerous selfie ever. That happened”.

Okay, this one creeped out a lot of people out. Jennifer Lopez took a selfie of herself with her workout equipment. People pointed out that a strange man was covering his mouth from behind the door. For weeks everyone tried to ID the guy. On the ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon, Lopez revealed that the mysterious figure was a real estate man her fiancé Alex Rodriguez talked to over the video chat platform Zoom on the other side of their gym window. She explained they had one of their laptops perched near the gym for online chatting. As for why the guy was covering his mouth, he was probably coughing.

Kat Armendariz is a photographer and multimedia specialist. She took professional and graceful pictures of her sister Kimberly Ramirez during her maternity months earlier. On June 29th,2017, Armendariz decided to follow up on her project with some funny selfies. While her sister gave birth at the Sierra Providence East Medical Center in El Paso, Texas Armendariz posted pictures of herself smiling while Ramirez went through 15 hours of labor. Armendariz is a mother, too, and saw the humor in the situation. She told TODAY, “I just thought: I totally want to take a selfie right now because I’ve already had my turn.” Ramirez also thought the pictures were funny and said they actually helped ease the pain.

We can’t tell if the dog was trying to scare the girl or get in on the selfie action. Could you imagine taking a picture of yourself and hearing a thud on the window and looking out, seeing a dog standing on its hind legs looking like that? We wonder if the lady was aware of the dog’s presence or if the dog was just trying to take the attention away from her outfit. So many questions, either way, we are happy she got this image of her and this werewolf looking pet.

This mother prefers to take a selfie over letting her kid in the house. The child is pleading as a scary dark shadow stands behind him. The mom doesn’t even notice, or if she does, she is indifferent, and this is all a cruel prank. That is probably a little hyperbole for you. In reality, the mother probably has a sense of humor, and the door is reflecting someone sitting in front of a kid and creates the illusion of the shadowy shape. Still, the picture looks creepy, though.

Sometimes after a long day, you just want to sit back and get ready to enjoy a frozen treat, but something is always lurking. You feel breathing down your back and heavy panting. Then suddenly, your ice cream disappears off its cone with a big slurp. You turn around and see your dog starring you in the face smacking its lips. Your dog realizes it got caught red-handed but it does not care. At this point, you might as well feed it the cone too.

Someone released these photographs on Imgur in 2014. Not much context was given to the situation, but it is fun to speculate. It appears the girls were taking a series of selfies together when a spider crawled between them. It obviously scared the one girl to a ridiculous degree. The other girl with the phone must have been holding down the button because we got full documentation of their freak out. Hey, spiders like modeling too.

Have you ever wanted to watch a dog show? This image is probably not what you meant. This pooch is showing off all its moves. These two girls likely wanted to take a selfie, and the dog got up and turned around to see what was happening. It is quite funny because the dog looks like it is posing in all the wrong ways. I’m sure the girls in the picture had a good laugh.

We caution everyone to think twice before deciding to take a selfie while driving or using a phone in general when operating a car. It is a danger to yourself and the people around you. We can only speculate what happened in this picture. Perhaps the woman cut the man off, or she is at a stoplight slowing everyone down. The man in the other vehicle probably rightfully showcases his grievances in the form of the bird. Thankfully no one was hurt as far as we know. These kinds of selfies are not worth photographing; wait to do it in the parking lot.

We know Disney eats its competitors, but this is taking things too far in the literal sense. We don’t know what happened to bring on this scenario, but we will guess. What was a typical day at Disney World turned into a horror show. Two guests were waiting in line talking about how much they like the latest animated movies from Dream Works and Warner Brothers They may have also thrown around a few choice words about the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. Mickey was not having it. The mouse came over to consume the children. The girl in front had no idea what was happening until it was too late. Never set Mickey off, he will find you.

It is always fun to have a night out with friends, whether that’s going to bars or enjoying the dance scene. However, sometimes you are trying to have a good conversation or take a decent picture, and then some stranger always butts in from behind. That seems to have happened to these two women. What was meant to be a fun picture of themselves turned into something else. The crying girl took the spotlight away, and now everyone’s left wondering what happened. Maybe these women knew this girl after all and wanted to photograph her misery. Nah. What are your thoughts?

We have to admit the kid has timing. The woman in the picture looks like she is at a restaurant. Perhaps she is celebrating something and wanted an image to remember the day. Well, she definitely won’t forget it now. The boy was just waiting for something like this to happen. The moment someone pulled the camera out, he quickly pressed his face against the glass, giving us this beautiful photo. Kid, if you are reading this, continue doing what you do.

Look at this picture carefully. Does something seem odd to you? Direct your eyes to the left side of the image with the bamboo. That is pretty creepy, right? The woman standing there is oblivious to the thing lurking in the plants. We have to wonder if the photographer notices it? Anyway, there are a lot of explanations we could give. Perhaps the lighting makes this person look weird, and he is just trying to avoid being in the photo or maybe it is a prank. Without context, though, it is definitely a frightening image to view.

Nothing says embarrassing like when a parent photobombs your selfie to make you look foolish. For the dad’s part in this image, we say bravo good sir. This girl’s standard Instagram image just became enhanced dramatically with your attendance. Also, the timing to mimic her movement and the lack of attire was just perfect. As silly as it is, if nothing else, we are sure the daughter received more views than she would have without the dad. However, if you don’t want to get photobombed next time, think about closing the door.

A glamor shot is not complete without a dog with its head in the toilet. In photography, framing and composition are everything. With the area where the wall ends along with the angle of the image, your eyes veer automatically to the left and downward. It also does not help the contrasting colors make the background stick out more. If she was trying to avoid the mirror, maybe she should have made a few steps to the right. Still, why would you not want to see more pictures of pooches online? We just hope the toilet was clean.

Who doesn’t want to take selfies with their friends every once in a while? These girls did just that. They look like they are at a park of some sort. If we had to speculate what they were doing, we bet they were watching a free outdoor movie and having a picnic. What movie you may ask? We think it might be a Harry Potter film, because that looks like someone dressed up as Voldemort, the villain from the series, in the background! If not, that person may have a severe skin condition, so we apologize if that is the case.

This one is just like all the rest, except backwards. Those people in the background have no idea what they’re in for!

Take a moment to look at this image. We will give you a few seconds. Did you catch it? That’s right. Someone dressed up as “Where’s Waldo” from the popular children’s book series. It is not uncommon to see real-world people appearing as the character. They wear red and white striped shirts as well as bobble hats and glasses, often popping up in crowded areas such as sports arenas just like in the books. We guess you could say the photographer found Waldo.

Alright, we have a theory with this one. Most would look at this selfie and say that the person in the shower is afraid of getting caught. But what led to this moment? We propose the lady with the phone broke into the house and went to the mirror to take a picture. The individual freaked out when they heard this girl walking upstairs and went into the shower. Is that true? Eh, probably not. In the most likely scenario, the image was probably staged. What do you think?

It’s a day out with the gals, but some folks may feel left out. These women huddle together in the photo and are probably getting ready to go shopping. They do a typical fun pose, but little did they know a gentleman in the back was getting in on the action. He quickly imitated their posture hilariously with his best duck face. We say he fits in quite well and would be a unique addition to their group. Have fun, ladies.

This photo is a little freaky, but unlike the last picture of someone in a car, you could at least say the person or creature in the background looks happy. Like, seriously, what is that? I think it may be someone trying to photobomb the picture, but the lighting and the window distort their face giving us the weird photo before us. It could also be an alien or zombie; we are going to go with the latter.

Another weird image that feels like it was ripped from the horror movie” Sinister” (2012). What appears like an average selfie turns unnerving when you give it a second look. Direct your attention to the mirror. Regardless of what’s actually in the reflection, it resembles a nightmarish face. Hopefully, it is an illusion or a distorted image. If not, the woman in the photo may want to consider leaving the room because that is some straight Candyman or boogeyman levels of odd.

These three women look like they had an exciting night. Three, you say? Look in the left-hand corner. We have no idea what happened, but this image is just bizarre. A little context to the picture could go a long way. As far as we can tell, this was not Halloween party, so we hope the woman at the bottom of the picture is okay, and her friends aren’t pulling off “Weekend at Bernie’s” (1989) shenanigans.

Isn’t that adorable? The great white shark and its CHUM are taking a selfie together. We would not say the woman’s choices were the wisest calls but to each their own. It is a really cool photograph, plus she is giving everyone the okay sign, so you know it’s safe. Personally, we would not recommend diving with great white sharks, let alone taking pictures in front of them unless you have proper training. But hey, who knows, if you take a risk or two, you may make an appearance into a future internet article.