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10 Unbelievable A-10 Warthog Facts You Need To Know

10/10 The A-10 Contains The Heaviest Automatic Cannon Ever Put On An Aircraft   The first on our “10 Unbelievable A-10 Warthog Facts You Need To Know ” list is the…

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10 Photos Of The Most Unusual And Odd Cars In The World

10/10 1958 Ford Edsel Pacer Snowplow Here are the 10 Photos Of The Most Unusual And Odd Cars In The World. The first on our list is the 1958 Ford…

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List of 10 Famous Celebrities Who Own Motorcycles

10/10 Norman Reedus Here is our list of 10 famous celebrities who own motorcycles. Our first selection is Norman Reedus. He gained a lot of popularity with his role in…

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Top 10 Classic American Muscle Cars Ever Made

10/10 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo The first on our “Top 10 Classic American Muscle Cars Ever Made” list is the 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. As one of the most distinctive…

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10 Large Scale RC Trucks and Trailers

10/10 Peterbilt 359 RC 1:4 The first on our list of 10 large scale RC trucks and trailers is a Peterbilt 359 remote-controlled semi built to 1:4 scale. If you…

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The Ultimate Landmark Quiz

Think you know where most of the world’s most famous landmarks are located? You might be surprised! Let’s begin with an easy one. Select the location of the landmark below…

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The Ultimate Cosplay Quiz

This Marvel Comics character can rearrange her biological cells allowing her to shapeshift into different humans or animals. She is generally portrayed as a villain and even started her own…

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Egli Vincent

50 Coolest Motorcycles Of The 70s

50. 1975 Laverda 750GT The birth of Laverda as a serious big bike brand occurred with the introduction of 750 cc, which halted the sales of the recently introduced 650. The…

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Jason Mamoa(Pinterest)

50 Celebs Who Own Motorcycles

50. Jason Momoa Recently, Aquaman and Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa did a commercial. Presumably, it is for Harley Davidson though it was never really discussed. However, it features…

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The Ultimate Car Quiz

This car make first went on sale on September 29, 1966, for the 1967 model year. It shared its platform and major components with the Firebird. Over 5 million have…

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